Friday, October 21, 2016

Double your standards, double your fun

You never refer to your opponent except by her first name, as if she were a servant, and then always preceded by "crooked."

You call her "the devil."

You propose disarming her Secret Service detail so that the "Second Amendment people" can solve your problem.

You mock her for attending a memorial service despite suffering from pneumonia, and imply that she has other health problems.

You claim she was "kicked off" a "Watergate commission," whatever that is, for being "corrupt."  At a charity banquet.

You demand she take a test for performance-enhancing drugs before the third of three debates in which she kicks your ass, and then abuse her because she prepared for them.

You accuse her of founding ISIS.

You accuse her of starting Birtherism.

You urge Russian hackers to steal her emails.

You promise at least once a day to put her in prison for some unspecified crime.

You invite her husband's alleged paramours to the debates.

When she suggests that you will try to weasel out of contributing to Social Security, just as you proudly avoid paying income tax, you whine, "Such a nasty woman."

You lying, foul-mouthed, self-pitying, racist, ignorant, cheap, grotesque, poisonous, cowardly, sleazy, stupid, treasonous degenerate.

Is that nasty enough for you?


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