Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Also the lectern was very very wobbly

El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago (thanks, Charlie!) would have done better if he had failed to show up.  I really expected Lester Holt to read a letter from the "doctor":  "Although Mr. Donald J. Trump is the healthiest, most high-energy person ever to run for anything, he is too tired from making America great again to come to your debate." 

The groundwork had certainly been laid.  First he claimed to have a letter from the NFL raising objections to the schedule.  (Lie.)  Then he wanted a debate without  a moderator, so he could yell abuse for ninety minutes while his minions chanted, "Lock 'er up!"  Then he insisted that the moderator be as clueless about reality-checking as Matt Lauer.  (Not quite.)  Then he stated, pre-emptively, that Lester Holt was a Democrat.  (Another lie.)  Then he spent the weekend cramming with his advisors Ronald McDonald, Col. Sanders and the Burger King.  (Burp.)  Meanwhile, he proposed seating Gennifer Flowers in the front row, which would really throw that bitch off her game, believe me.  (Yes.  She'd look down and think, "You're the skank who screwed my husband, and I'm running for president.  Beat that with a stick.") 

After a half hour of rope-a-dope, of course, it was all Hillary, who has been pronounced "stupid" by Sycophant in Chief Giuliani.  No, Rudolph, it might be smart to avoid paying income tax, dodge the draft, ditch jury duty, and all those other annoyances that go with living in a civilized country.  It's stupid to brag about it.  People might be reminded that they pay more so you can pay nothing, that their children die in wars while you "sacrifice" by putting up hideous buildings with other people's money.  You don't want that.

Chris Christie thinks Donald won, but Chris Christie's future plans are likely to depend on a Presidential pardon.  And Chris Christie is in a unique position to know how bad the food is in New Jersey prisons. 

It was a very bad microphone.  Made him sound like he was snuffling.  Made Howard Dean think of a certain drug that rich people use to keep up their energy.  But he was being sarcastic. 

The lights were in his eyes.

The auditorium was too cold.

Alicia Machado is fat. 

Emails.  Temperament.   Sean Hannity!



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