Saturday, September 10, 2016


Hillary Clinton has a bad habit of apologizing when it isn't called for.  I think she picked it up from Bill.  The single most principled part of his life was his opposition to the war in Vietnam, and he spent his career explaining it away.  When Hillary described Trump voters as "a sorry assembly of ignorant racist fucknozzles and drooling imbeciles" (I'm paraphrasing), I knew it was a matter of time until she took it back.  Three hours, in fact.  Considering the demented vituperation the orange slob and his degenerate flunkies hurl at her every single day, this seems overly conciliatory.  Ladylike, to use an old-time word.  (But she doesn't look presidential!  But why doesn't she smile more?  How dare she insult the good American patriots who scream for her to be locked up and/or shot?  Didn't she co-found ISIS?)

We need you to own it, Hillary, or should I say "Hitlery Rotten Clitoris" as your decent, god-fearing opponents do.  Repeat it every day.  Galvanize your voters by telling the inbred, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing mud-pounders (paraphrasing again there) to go picnic in a minefield.  And the bloated grifter and his stomach-turning spawn and his zombie spokesmodels and pathetic clowns like Paulie Numbnuts Ryan who just can't say no when asked if they still support this psychopath.  Feel free to use the phrase "lying sack of shit" because you'll be trashed no matter what you say or how demurely you say it.  But whatever you do, stop bringing a rubber hammer to a gunfight.



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