Friday, July 01, 2016

Oh, come on

Bill Clinton decides to have a clandestine, improper conversation with the Attorney General of the United States, presumably about the never-ending FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails from four years ago.  Where does he hold this conversation?  In a parking garage beneath the Watergate?  On a beach near Asbury Park?  In his kitchen in Chappaqua?  No, in the middle of the Phoenix airport, surrounded by reporters with nothing to do but drink coffee and cobble a story out of absolutely anything.  Remember, this is Bill Clinton, not some barely sentient life-form like George Wanker Bush.  Plausible?

Meanwhile, the Trump, uh, "campaign" and a freshly-created Trump superPAC are bombarding legislators in half a dozen European countries and Australia with emails begging for cash contributions, which violates any number of well-established laws (and annoys the legislators).  Has anyone asked whether the Attorney General is investigating this?  Is she?  Or would that be "partisan"?

When you lean over backwards long enough, it's hard to straighten up.


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