Tuesday, June 21, 2016

False flag!

Everything you know about the "Orlando terrorist attack" is wrong.  I'm sorry, but it is.  There is no "Omar Mateen" (as opposed to Omar Mateen, a New York-born rent-a-cop whose identity was stolen by the Obama regime and who left Orlando for San Francisco (of course) last week.  Very early on June 12  "Mateen" called 911 (so the call would be recorded) and claimed to be shooting people in a gay dance club.  Reading from a script, he declared his loyalty to Hezbollah, the Shiite militia which supports Bashir al-Assad; to the  Sunni fighters of ISIS; and to al-Nusra, which is fighting against ISIS.  His handlers assumed most Americans would not notice the absurdity of this, and by and large, they were correct. 

In an immense conspiracy involving the entire city of Orlando state of Florida, all gay advocacy groups, and of course the Liberal Media, the Kenyan Usurper made his boldest bid yet to take away our guns before flying off to vacation (yeah, right!) in a National Park.  Also to present Mr. Donald J. Trump with an irresistible opportunity to make an ass of himself while simultaneously driving a wedge between him and his core constituency of freedom-loving Second Amendment militants.  They refused to believe the lies about Sandy Hook Elementary School, but once you put an assault rifle  in the hands of a "terrorist" -- well, what's an American supposed to think?  Or "think"?


Next:  What Jo Cox, MP, knew about the assassination of Vincent Foster and why she had to die.




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