Thursday, December 03, 2015

Guns and money

"Money talks, bullshit walks," says the old proverb.  So before there is any more bullshit on the topic of gun control, let's try money.  There will never be common-sense gun control until other countries tell their citizens to stop traveling to the United States because it's too violent and dangerous, because unlike France or Mali, we have a mass shooting every week.  When the tourists stop bringing their Euros and yuan and Australian dollars, a great shout will go up from the hospitality industry (the airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, restaurants, tour bus operators, souvenir manufacturers, and every attraction from Vegas to Broadway) that will drown out even the gun makers and their toadies.  It will be audible even to the politicians, who will sniff the air and "lead" in the direction of the money.  And then the killers will find it a little more difficult to kill.   



Blogger Stephen Marks said...

I noticed one of your favourite films is "Vertigo", wonder if you could tell me why. You see I've watched it a couple of times and never really got the appeal of it, I'm curious as to what I'm missing that others see. I loved Hitchcock's Rear Window, North by Northwest and Dial M for Murder, but Vertigo I just didn't get. Thanks.

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