Wednesday, December 09, 2015

You do what you can

If Donald Trump is serious about keeping Muslims out of God's Country, he is in a unique position to implement this without waiting to take power:  He can refuse to rent them hotel rooms.  (I assume you have to state your religion at check-in, at the same time you promise to say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy holidays.")  It's only a handful of hotels, but a leader leads by example. 

Also, I'm wondering how many condos at Trump Tower belong to wealthy Middle Easterners, perhaps even members of the bin Laden family.  Surely they are being bought out right now, and their possessions will soon be dumped at the curb.

In other words, I am offering Donzo a chance to put his money where his mouth is.  I do not expect him to take it.


Blogger john_burke100 said...

Nice idea. It's occurred to me over the past few days that Trunp's manner is that of a drunkard. I have a hunch that he's not often drunk-and-incapable (as English law calls it) like Boris Yeltsin; I think he probably starts with a little tightener at breakfast and maintains a buzz all day long, fortified by vitamin shots, until he takes a couple of Ambien and nods off. I have no evidence except his actual behavior and words, but I think my hypothesis nevertheless explains a lot, and, of course, any stick, etc.

7:14 AM  

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