Friday, July 29, 2016


(random thoughts on a summer night)

When did political conventions start presenting an In Memoriam segment?  It's not the Oscars.  And I had no idea Muhammad Ali was a Democrat.

Is it wrong that I've mentally named Tim Kaine "Rev. Timtom"?

Apparently Trump was being "sarcastic" when he invited the Russian government to hack Hillary Clinton's email.  This does not bode well.  "I have a beautiful beautiful sense of humor, believe me, but the Joint Chiefs don't get me.  They didn't know I was being sarcastic when I said we should bomb Germany because the Germans are very nice people, they love me.  Anyway Angela Merkel was a fat pig and nobody will miss her."

It's good that Mary Steenburgen has a distinctive voice, because she has joined the ranks of Actresses You Can No Longer Pick Out of a Crowd.  Also, Sharon Gless is now bigger than Tyne Daly.  I feel very old.

I didn't hear all of Michelle Obama's speech, but I look forward to hearing it from Melania Trump (or her successor wife) in four years.  "I was born in a house built by Slavs."

Michael Bloomberg will be devastated when he finds out he's "little."  That's all you've got, Donzo?  I thought he nailed you to the floor. 

Bill O'Reilly needs to learn when to shut up.  Like every day that ends in a "y".

All the channels should re-think  the phrase "breaking news."  It should not cover anything two days old, or in the future, or just bloody obvious.  Cronkite interrupting a soap opera with a bulletin from Dallas was breaking news.  "Chelsea Clinton to introduce mother" is not.

My heart is pretty hard when it comes to political spectacle, so believe me when I say these people were masters of the lump in the throat:  Larry Sanders announcing the vote for his brother Bernie and both of them crying...the Mothers of the Movement talking of their murdered children...the anger and grief of Mr. and Mrs. Khan...Mark Kelly and Gaby Giffords...yes, even Paul Simon croaking "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is it wrong to want to feel something beside revulsion?  We've not Vulcans, our politics have never been about logic.  I'm a Hillary skeptic, I don't admire everything about her, but I didn't come to politics two months ago like the Sanders die-hards.  Except when the wheel of history turns up a Lincoln or an FDR it has always been about choosing the lesser evil.  So choose, damn it, or pay the price.  As Sarah Silverman said, "You're being ridiculous."


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