Friday, September 16, 2016

One step sideways

Last week at GQ, Keith Olbermann posted 176 of the reasons Trump is unfit to be president, ranging from lies to quasi-treasonous acts to whiplash-inducing stupidity.  Well, one down, 175 to go.  Today Trump acknowledged being a dupe of the racist Birther movement, apologized abjectly, and withdrew from -- no, wait, I got that wrong.  Actually he accepted credit for forcing Barack Obama to release proof of his American birth, never mentioned dispatching investigators to Kenya to find the "real evidence," and blamed  the whole sad episode on -- deep breath -- Hillary Clinton.  (Yes, she invented Birtherism when she was done founding ISIS, poisoning the tap water in Flint, and causing all those earthquakes in Oklahoma.  Jerome Corsi is going to be pissed.)   The Leader then led the ever-compliant media on a tour of his newest assault on taste hotel, resulting in a free infomercial.  He may be back to 176.

It's all good news for the poor clerk in Honolulu who has spent the last seven years filling requests for the "long form" birth certificate, whatever that may be, but it doesn't make much difference to the rest of us.  Sane people have always called bullshit, while the Deplorables, after some initial confusion not that far from their customary mental fog, will accept The Leader's version as usual.  And just as events in North Dakota have reminded us that Native Americans have bigger problems than what some asshole in Washington calls his football team, so the killing of yet another child by the police in Columbus, Ohio, points to more serious concerns for African Americans.  Indeed, police violence has reached such a pitch, it has radicalized the millionaire athletes of the NFL, a truly remarkable development.  A statement as unarguable as "black lives matter" can raise the hackles of every racist, although no one has said "only black lives matter," much less "death to the police."  Racism appears to have the half-life of uranium, and it may be the most important issue in this election, if it can be said to be about any issues at all.  With four months and three days left in the Obama presidency, this changes nothing.*  Instead of a lengthy press conference, the Congressional Black Caucus should have acknowledged Trump's grudging and half-assed concession to reality in one sentence and gone back to work. 

If Donzo wants to knock another item off the Olbermann Indictment, I recommend the one about keeping a volume of Hitler's speeches beside his bed.  Nothing suggests he has the attention span or the reading skills to get through even one.

*Except to distract everyone from the mysteriously hacked emails of Colin Powell.  "National disgrace"?  Not like the Tsar of Twitter to let that go by in silence. 


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