Saturday, October 15, 2016

Everybody must get stoned!

While I was unavoidably detained by Hurricane Matthew*, the Chicago Cubs moved closer to their first World Series victory since 1908 and Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  I have no questions.  I can no longer be startled by anything.  Just nod.

In other news that isn't news, Donald Trump is still an ignorant misogynist, racist, and danger to shipping.  You probably can't tell but I've been without television for a week and he is visibly fatter (Calvin Trillin thinks he wears a corset, accounting for the swollen neck and florid complexion).  A few more buckets of Extra Crispy and this could be academic by November.   Meanwhile he grunts along, his tiny paws still leading a band that sane people can't hear,  demanding that Clinton be tested for performance-enhancing drugs before Wednesday's debate.  The steady stream of women now accusing him of swinish behavior -- the Cosbys and Trumps never stop at one or two -- could clinch the election if they all voted in Ohio.  The party establishment continues to act shocked, shocked!, but even Claude Rains couldn't pull that off.  The only trace of humor at this point is the promise of game-changing revelations that turn out to be damp squibs, more hissy-fits from Julian Assange -- himself a fugitive from sexual assault charges, so you connect the dots.  And the crazy has no bottom.  Trump is the target of a Vast Conspiracy that encompasses the banks, the media, Carlos Slim (why?), Rosie O'Donnell, the Elders of Zion, Megyn Kelly, Paul Ryan, the Central Park Five, the Modern Jazz Quartet and his hairdresser.  Also Benghazi.

I only want it to be over, but I had a sick feeling even before armed Stormtrumpers stationed themselves in front of a Clinton campaign office in Virginia yesterday.  Trump has any number of these thugs primed to refuse to accept the results of the "rigged" election.  If you belong to a synagogue, a mosque or a black church, organize yourselves.  Buy weapons, get to a range and learn to use them, for November 8 could well be the American Kristallnacht, and you will be the first targets.  I know, I sound crazy, too.  I hope I am. 

*Not really a hurricane but created by the Army on orders from Obama to scare people into believing the myths about climate change invented by Al Gore and the UN.  Got it? 


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