Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Merrily they roll along

Why is this week different from all other weeks?

It really  isn't.  It's just more of the same stupefying, tone-deaf incompetence we've seen every day since January 20. 

The White House Passover seder, a tradition which began in 2009, was catered by a kosher company but the host did not attend.  Either he doesn't care for bitter herbs or he was unable to balance a yarmulke atop the creature that lives on his head. 

The hapless Sean Spicer chose Tuesday's media circus to pull out the Hitler yardstick, employed to inflate the awfulness of tin-pot dictators.  (Students of history will recall that Poppy Doc Bush declared Saddam Hussein "worse than Hitler" for his invasion of Kuwait.)  This time it was Assad's turn:  "You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons," he stated, explaining why his boss presidentially blew up a few buildings at a Syrian air force base.  As jaws dropped around the briefing room, he continued that Hitler was "not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing," adding mysteriously that "he brought them into the Holocaust centers."  So German Jews were not really "his own people," i.e., Germans?  That's pretty much Nazism 101.  Every time Stupid Spice opened his mouth he dug the hole a little deeper.  When even Alex Jones says "What the hell was that?" it's probably time to send out your resume.  I hear Blightbart is hiring.

What was that song about "a spoonful of sugar" making the medicine go down?  Trump apparently told Agence France-Presse that he ordered the missiles fired while he and President Xi were enjoying "the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you ever saw," and that the Chinese leader totally praised his manly commandering.  In January it was the botched raid in Yemen he approved over dinner.  What's the deal with food and attacks on other countries?  I keep thinking of George Costanza's effort to eat, watch baseball and have sex all at the same time, and Jerry protesting, "We're trying to have a civilization here!"

In three days the White House Easter egg roll may or may not take place.  Well, Easter sneaks up on you, doesn't it?  It's a different time every year.  And with so many vacant jobs in the West Wing there was nobody to send out the invitations, most of which go to the children of members of the military, or even to hide the eggs.  If this had happened under Obama, Sean Hannity would be foaming at the mouth about a "war on Easter."  Maybe Spicer will have to climb back into the bunny costume.  At least he won't be allowed to talk.  


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