Monday, April 10, 2017

Mark Sanford 2.0

You know what I hate?  There's a perfectly dandy sex scandal roiling Alabama and with all the wicked crazy going on in Washington, nobody cares. 

Family-values Republican and grandfather Robert Bentley, governor of the sovereign state of Alabama, has been impeached for doin' the nasty with a much younger aide named Rebekah Mason, and using state funds to pay for same.  His children say he's suffering from dementia.  His party wants him to resign.  Apparently there's tape.  The trial starts tomorrow.  But just try to get these 24-hour newsertainment entities to find a few minutes for juicy details.  Gotta be more diverting than Story Time With Sean Spicer, but nope.  Too bad the whoopee appears to have been consensual, or they could fit it into Bill O'Reilly Avoidance Month. 

I hate how the Trump shitstorm drowns out all the other bowel sounds in the body politic.


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