Saturday, April 01, 2017

Out of the woods

Two million eight hundred sixty-five thousand seventy-five.

Bill Maher is unhappy because Hillary Clinton is speaking in public again.  The Clintons make everything about themselves, and that's why Democrats lose.  They should just go sit on the porch and let, oh, Chuck Schumer or Cory Booker or Joe Biden lead the party.  She's a bad candidate.  She couldn't beat the Republicans, the FBI, the Russian hackers, the media and five thousand years of organized misogyny.  Except that she did.  By 2,865,075 popular votes, none of them cast illegally by ISIS ninjas from Mexico.  So, hey, Bill, why don't you shut the fuck up and make your dopey dope jokes and provide a badly-needed platform for serious thinkers like Rick Santorum?  And when your friend Ann Coulter gets dissed in Berkeley you can invite her back to rail against fascist liberals or whatever she calls people who get angry about hate speech.  Then we can all agree that Maxine Waters's hair makes it impossible to take her seriously.


the bitch is back.


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