Thursday, March 09, 2017


Let's agree.  Trump is a rich target for parody, which is why I always start my cyber-day at ALL HAT NO CATTLE, the invaluable source of nourishing snark.  (They're having a fundraiser. Give.)  I laugh, I cry, I steal like crazy, and I feel a little better.  Today they -- look, it's one woman who lives in Costa Rica -- alerted me that China chose International Women's Day to approve some 38 trademark applications for Trump-branded businesses including hotels, golf courses, real estate companies, and what they delicately call "hospitality services," which apparently means massage parlors and escort services.  Forget the Emoluments Clause -- Congress has.  Forget all the China-bashing of the campaign.  Forget Trump's phony concern about human trafficking.  The President of the United States is an international pimp.

I wouldn't want to suggest that the gutting of the Affordable Care Act and the 5 am shitter-twitter about "wire tapps" were intended to distract from this interesting development, but the timing, as they say, is suggestive.  Of course, with this baboon colony in the White House you only need to wait fifteen minutes for something even more breath-stoppingly outrageous, but I thought this one would at least find its way onto the MSM.  No, Rachel Maddow was still tracing the Russian treason and Lawrence O'Donnell was parsing the Twenty-fifth Amendment as if Dense Pence would ever grow a pair, and there's nobody else worth watching.  Who cares if Trump makes seventy-five cents of every dollar a tourist in Guangzhou pays for a happy ending?  How much lower can this country sink in its own esteem and the world's?  I guess we'll find out.

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