Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cuck and cover!

It was a wooly week even by the standards of a regime that Rufus T. Firefly would disown. 

Those of us who don't study the antics of the nut-right learned a new word:  "cuckservative," a quasi-Jacobean union of "cuckold" and "conservative" which means...well, I'm not sure but it isn't good.  Ousted from the National Security Council to which he had named himself in the heady, carefree first days of Trumpism, Steve Bannon hurled it at Jared Kushner with the promise of more to come.  He also called him a "globalist," which is a fairly transparent update of "cosmopolitan," a twentieth-century term of abuse for Jews.  The night of the medium-size knives is rumored to signal the end of the Bannon/Priebus domination and the rise of Kushner, Lord High Everything Else with responsibility for everything but the White House silver. 

Tuesday Bashir al-Assad or somebody -- false-flag theories vary -- launched a gas attack that killed some civilians in a rebel-held town.  Some of them were children, and there is ghastly video.  About a half-million Syrians have died in this war, many of them children, but there's a new sheriff in town.  "Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered at [sic] this very barbaric attack," Uncle Don tweeted, before ordering 60 missiles fired at a government airfield, giving the Syrian military (and possibly their Russian allies) ample time to remove all personnel and putting the base out of operation for almost 24 hours.  The media boys were orgasmic at this display of presidentialism, the Chinese president pretended to be impressed, and Raytheon (manufacturer of the missiles) saw a 2.21 gain in its stock price.  It would be unpatriotic to point out that one of their stockholders is a certain Donald J. Trump, so I will.

Against all rules of decency and the Senate, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to Merrick Garland's seat on the Supreme Court.  Putin must have serious reasons to want him there.

Devin Nunes is no longer leading the House Intelligence Committee's investigation of Russiagate, if he ever was.  We are waiting to find out who will investigate him.  Yes, it's turning into a Python sketch.

Susan Rice was designated Nasty Woman of the Week because she requested the names of the Americans who were recorded talking to sketchy foreigners (in her capacity as national security adviser to Barack Obama).  She has been roped into the baseless story Trump continues to repeat about the "wire tapps" at his golden tower.  Obama, of course, is the evil genius whose "Deep State" is thwarting all the fine stuff this new order tries to do (XL pipeline, coal mining at 1943 levels, ACA repeal, executive orders keeping those "beautiful babies" from swarming in from Syria, etc.).

North Korea. 

And just for giggles, the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in deep-red Harlan County has announced that it is switching to solar power beginning next week.  Apparently it's cleaner and cheaper. 

I have not made any of this up. 



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