Sunday, April 02, 2017

Bone spurs?


Why the Opening Day crowds in Washington and Baltimore will be spared this sight ---

Because there would almost certainly be booing, followed by an avalanche of tweets:

Catcher was paid to let a great pitch go by and maim little boy in the stands. #HillaryIsTheDevil

Baseball very very badly made in Haiti.  I will put a tariff on Haitian balls and bring great ball making jobs back!  #MBGA

Camden Yards highly over rated.  Hot dogs not hot, no Diet Coke.  Sad!  #RealAmericansLoveFootball

Too many Hispanic players taking jobs from Americans!!! #BuildtheWall

When people pay to see POTUS throw first pitch he should get immunity from booing.  #Stopbeingmean

Curt Schilling will be a great senator!!!! #Pocahontas


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