Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Appease and thank you

North Korea bills itself as a "democratic republic," and every so often they find someone dumb enough to believe them.  This time it was our own Metamucilini, who agreed to end joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises in return for a vague handshake promise to end nuclear testing at some point, subject to no outside inspection or verification.  Also, did you know they have beautiful beaches suitable for commercial development, and you have to be an exceptional person to inherit a country at age 26 and take control of its hungry, restive inmates people?  This should finally end the tiresome habit of citing Neville Chamberlain every time someone caves in to the demands of a mendacious tyrant.  At least he got it in writing.  Also, I'm pretty sure he didn't bring his daughter along to scout sweatshop locations for her line of schmattes.

As if separating children from their parents at the Mexican border weren't cruel enough, the regime now proposes housing them in tents in the most forsaken part of Texas, subject to heat, sandstorms, rattlesnakes and poisonous insects.  The next question is who will run the place, the freshly pardoned Joe Arpaio or ex-Sheriff David Clarke.  Both are experienced commandants but Clarke has a slight edge, since a prisoner died of dehydration in his Milwaukee County jail.

It was something of a relief to read Donzo's tweet about Robert DeNiro.  It means Kim didn't get his phone along with his wallet and credit cards.

Apparently Robert Mueller is filling out warrants faster than Trump can sign pardons.  This could be the week we've been waiting for.

The 1920s had flagpole sitters. The 1930s had dance marathons.  We have Dennis Rodman.


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