Friday, June 02, 2017

One picture = an infinity of words

Is it me, or is this (from MockPaperScissors) way nastier and funnier than the Kathy Griffin thing that's roiling Internetland and beyond?  Isn't it just as likely to make FPOTUS question the creator's mental state for frightening poor Forbes...Crane's...what magazine is he named after?  Oh, right, Barron's...and making him wet his bed again?  Griffin, after all, just parodied some Renaissance depiction of Judith with the severed head of Holofernes, while referencing the goofy orb game that Trump played with Sisi and the king of the Sauds last week.  The same painting was parodied last year on a tee shirt, with Hillary as Judith, and nobody panicked.  And Griffin cravenly apologized within hours, though not soon enough to keep her job at CNN, which is a very serious place and does not traffic in such disrespectful examples of free speech.  Of course the folks who gave us those amusing depictions of Nose-bone Obama, Watermelon Obama, Lynched Obama, etc., well, they need to restock the fire extinguishers after all their heads burst into flames.  Treason!  Attempted assassination!  Alert the Secret Service!

None of which I intended writing about when I got up this morning.  Griffin v. Trump falls squarely into my go-it-woman go-it-bear category.  I never found Griffin funny and I have to say New Year's Eve will be much the same without her (unless they pair Anderson Cooper with Ann Coulter).  But this Nothing has officially become a Thing now that Sen. Al Franken has disinvited Griffin from an event to promote his new book.   I had such hopes for Al, but it looks like he's just another Democrat.

If Senator Franken and other high-roaders want to earn back my respect, they can speak up for Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, a Princeton professor who was forced to call off the balance of her book tour after a hatchet job on Fox News resulted in death threats.  Nobody has been fired for riling up the mob; nobody has called in the FBI.  From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation is doing well at Amazon, but this is the hard way to sell books.  When reporters are being arrested for asking questions, physically assaulted and called "enemies of the people," the threats are no longer theoretical.  Let's get on this before the shooting starts, Senator. 

Should the Trumpswine have six limbs?  Well, I don't know much about art (or livestock), but I know what I like. 



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