Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Did ya hear the one about...

 Tucker Carlson continues to predict the Trump will be assassinated because there's just no other way for the Deep State/woke mob/Marxist fascists to slow his unstoppable return to power.  Apparently this was garbled in translation, because his other platform Russia Tonight is telling slack-jawed viewers that it's Carlson who should be afraid -- because he predicts war between the US and Russia.  Vladimir Solovyov suggests a car or plane accident (a little too close to Prigozhin, nyet?), or "he might eat something he shouldn't, maybe his heart will suddenly stop!"  He calls Baby Tuckoo "a dead man walking."  I like the sound of that, demented though it is.

You may feel you're a victim of dementia, or McConnell brain freeze, when you hear Roger Stone and Rudolph Giuliani turning their wrath on ever-Trumper Brian Kemp.  Stone is sure Kemp stole the 2018 election from Stacey Abrams, while Giuliani calls him "one of the biggest lawbreakers in Georgia history."  (You do know there were nearly five hundred lynchings in Georgia, don't you, Roodles?)  Kemp wouldn't help Brad Raffensperger "find" 11,780 votes for Trump, and he won't call a special session of the legislature to impede Fani Willis's prosecution of Trump, and that's all it takes to paint a MAGA target on him.  There's no pleasing everyone.

Vivek Ramaswamy is marching around New Hampshire demanding "truth!" about Hunter Biden, UFOs, the Lindbergh kidnapping, whatever.  And today Truth finally had enough.

Found guilty of sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll, Trump has now been convicted of defaming her.  Keep an eye on Ministry of Truth Social if you want to know how soon he defames her again -- and probably Judge Lewis Kaplan, too.
We may have to revive our Dummy of the Day feature just for Margie Greene.  Get this:  "People are not affecting climate change.  You're going to tell me that back in the Ice Age, how much taxes did people pay, and how many changes did governments make to melt the ice?  The climate is going to continue to change."  Well, there was the discovery of how to make fire.  Y'all doin' that in the Georgia Fourteenth yet?
Do I care that James O'Keefe may have spent money rich bastards donated to Project Veritas to live the high life?  Instead of serious political work like buying the stolen diary of Ashley Biden?  Actually, I'm fine with that.  Party on, Keefe-meister!
The Republiclowns' notions about governance run to "hearings," proposals for procedures that don't exist (e.g. expunging impeachments), threats to impeach Biden for being a Democrat and fighting among themselves.  To the last they can now add arguing about Mitch McConnell's health and fitness.  Rand Paul, the ophthalmologist who board-certified himself, says the Senate doctor, Brian Monahan (a gerontologist, I assume), was wrong to say McConnell is fine, just a little dehydrated.  There are several other doctors in the Senate and I suppose they'll be coming forward with opinions based on talking to him in the corridor for a minute.  Remember when Bill Frist declared Terri Schiavo just fine based on a videotape?  It's like that.  
A study in August's Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reports that regular, moderate internet usage may have a beneficial effect in preventing dementia.  As a blogger of 72, I can confirm that this is perfectly cumulonimbus.
And in sports...the Mexico City Marathon disqualified 11,000 runners for taking shortcuts, using cars and bicycles, etc.  How many people were entered in this thing?


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