Thursday, December 23, 2021

Pop-tarts and beer

 No voting rights, no Build Back Better, but we can all hunker down next to the fake Yule log and survey the wreckage.  Some of the news is actually good.

For instance, the UK will soon begin distributing Palforzia, an oral drug for children with peanut allergy.  It isn't a cure, but it decreases the possibility of anaphylaxis or death as a result of exposure.  It will be even more welcome in the US, where epipens can cost hundreds of dollars because one piggish Senator wants to keep drug prices obscenely high.

Here's a holiday laugh:  After four years of dumping on China for every imaginable reason, Trump Media & Technology Group wants to partner up with Arc Capital, a Shanghai-based investment firm whose practices are already being investigated by the SEC.  Anyone surprised?

Oh, dear, the Madison Cawthorns are pfft! as Winchell used to say.  Maddy calls it "irreconcilable differences," while Cristina sighs, "I just don't want to be married to someone changing the world."   The last straw was evidently his address to the Young Trumpers of TPUSA:  "I think you should home school.  I was home schooled all the way through.  I am proudly a college dropout."  At which point Cristina realized she was expected to stay home and do the schooling.  Well, she gave it eight months.

Home schooling just got a lot tougher in Texas where the right, having hamstrung school libraries, is turning to public ones.  At least one county is requiring special sections of "age-appropriate" books so li'l Texans won't learn that transgender people exist or that racism is real until they're old enough to vote, assuming Texas still allows that.  Of course, it's a matter of time until books start to disappear from the adult libraries, lest kids sneak in in disguise.  Be of good cheer -- the kids, who are alright, are starting to organize and fight for the right to read.  When the power grid collapses this winter Texas can burn books, but they're already outflanked by Kindle and GoogleBooks.  

Kim Potter was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright, whom she meant only to tase.  Anyway that was her defense.  Of course she cried on the witness stand.  It worked for Rittenhouse, not so much for Gregory McMichael.  This has been a moist year for killers.

Trump's support for covid vaccine got a little easier to understand when he was interviewed by the usually worshipful Candace Owens.  He took credit for developing all three vaccines ("the vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind") so it's all right and he's not a clone.  Try telling that to Q!

The ReAwaken America Tour pulled into Dallas -- some week for Big D! -- and out of the little car jumped Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Jovan Pulitzer, Eric Trump, Roger Stone and a new clown named Joe Oltman.  Strangely, the unvaccinated, mask-free crowd soon began to report symptoms like "fever storms...from rashes to blistering...passing blood...two solid days of haculicinations [sic]" -- sounds bad.  It was Oltman who decided he was the victim of biological warfare in the shape of...ANTHRAX spread by the smoke machine (stay with me) in the First Baptist Church where the confab took place.  Not covid because there's just no such thing.  You guys are in luck -- anthrax can be treated with antibiotics.  Rush to your overburdened hospital and ask for it by name:  ciprofloxacin.  Tell 'em Louis Pasteur sent you.  (I know you think the FDA is controlled by Bill Gates and the Freemasons but maybe take a look at their warning about ivermectin first.)

Here are some workmen in Hong Kong removing the Pillar of Shame, a monument to the dead of Tiananmen Square 1989, in the middle of the night.  China does not permit the teaching of Critical Democracy Theory.


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