Friday, August 09, 2019

The empath

"Coward. He gave up, just gave up."  That was Trump comforting El Paso with his assessment of the mass murderer who tore the city's heart out.  He likes white nationalists who don't get captured, OK?

Then he lined up exclusively white nurses* in one of the world's most racially diverse cities and posed with a grin that gives "shit-eating" a bad name.  I don't want to reproduce it.

Then, when none of the eight wounded victims would allow him within ten feet of their beds, he had an orphaned infant brought back to the hospital and held out to Melania so she could do her "deeply moved" look.  Princess Diana she's not, or maybe it's all the Botox.  The baby was slightly injured but survived because his parents sheltered him with their bodies.  One day he will be told that story, not the one about the scary people using him as a prop.

Then he told the doctors that he drew a much bigger crowd in February than "crazy" Beto O'Rourke, whereas the thousands of protesters yesterday amounted to no more than four hundred.  (If only an inability to estimate crowd size was the worst of his mental deficits.)

Then he bragged about how the mourners at a Dayton victim's funeral cheered up as soon as he arrived, flashing his thumbs-up sign.  Whereas a visit from "Sleepy Joe" Biden would have made them "even more miserable."  Biden just doesn't know how to put the fun in funeral.

Then he derided Sen. Sherrod Brown for polling at "0 %".  Brown is not in fact running for president at all.

Then he attacked the mayors of both cities for being insufficiently grateful and enthusiastic about the great job he was doing.

*A rumor is circulating that some or all of these smiling nurses were really local Trumpettes in nurse uniforms.  It would be irresponsible to report this as fact.  The last time I was hospitalized, all the nurses wore scrubs rather than whites and were too busy to pose for pictures, but maybe things are different in a major trauma center like University Medical.  Again, irresponsible.


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