Saturday, June 30, 2018

"Politics ain't beanbag"

...said Finley Peter Dunne in the person of Mr. Dooley.  And it follows that beanbag ain't politics.  So it is with relief that I turn on ESPN, the flagship of the cable sports network, on a Saturday afternoon in June, and find teams of college men playing with beanbags.  This is some serious sports stuff here, with uniforms and color commentary and people in the stands who have even less to do than I, and even brackets.  Like minor-league basketball.   They have to toss the beanbag into a hole, hence the deadpan name Southern Cornhole Championship.  (All right, it was the name that roped me in.  I'm only human.)  Florida seems to be the powerhouse here.  Why am I not surprised?

Thousands are protesting child abuse at the border, millions are mesmerized by the World Cup, but it seems there's a place for everything.

Beanbag.  I could do this.


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