Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trivial pursuits

In the Wall Street Journal, Gordon Lubold and Jeremy Page wrote, "Lasers have targeted pilots of American military aircraft operating over the western Pacific Ocean more than twenty times, U.S. officials say, following a series of similar incidents in which Pentagon officials said Chinese personnel used lasers against U.S. pilots in East Africa."

Satellite photos show furious activity at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center in North Korea.  Military exercises with South Korea have not been re-scheduled.

Trump is angry about Harley Davidson responding to tariffs by announcing plans to move some manufacturing overseas.  He is threatening Rep. Maxine Waters because she advocates civil disobedience as a response to the atrocities at the Mexican border.  He is bloviating about his "Space Force," oblivious to aggression against the Air Force that already exists.  He is still enraged because his press secretary was ejected from a restaurant.  He's going to Helsinki to reassure Putin that his flirtation with Kim was just a summertime thing.  He's drooling over the chance to set back the Supreme Court by a century, or maybe that's just cheeseburger juice.  He doesn't see why a little thing like "due process" should inconvenience his ICEstapo.

I've left out a lot of the routine corruption, dishonesty and random mayhem because I'm tired.   Hillary Clinton warned us.  What part of "Trump lacks the temperament to be president" did you not understand?

Like a storm in the heavy summer heat, something must break soon.


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