Monday, April 23, 2018

Bar-bar-bar, bar-barbara's gone

Well, these people seem to be having a good time, black dresses aside.  Maybe it's because they just finished burying Barbara Bush, "a mean drunk" according to Roger Stone, and a hater without peer according to Richard Nixon (something of an expert).  And nobody looks happier than her husband, in the gray suit and the wheelchair, if that rictus is a type of smile.  Since he is widely believed to have cheated on her without let or hindrance, he's probably relieved she went first.  Imagine what her smile would look like.  And thanks to the Lying Media, we all got to witness the granny-drop in real time, covered with the solemnity of the final round of the Masters.

I wouldn't have brought it up, but I remember when President Obama attended the funeral of Nelson Mandela in a football stadium in Johannesburg.  Thousands of people were singing and dancing, as South Africans do to celebrate a life of consequence.  Obama took a selfie with, I believe, the prime minister of Denmark, and was trashed for days for failing to show the proper amount of dignity and respect.  Those people just don't know how to behave.  Fast forward to last Saturday -- I see teeth, not tears.  Where is Jeb, Mama's choice for eulogist because she was sure George would louse it up?  (Note blue necktie.)  Is Laura thinking, "God, I want a cigarette"?  Were Melania's feet the model for Malibu Barbie's?  As I said, black dresses notwithstanding, they could be at the dedication of a Bass Pro in Huntsville.  Michelle:  "Don't get too close, he does this David Cop-a-feel thing."  Melania:  "Dun't vurry, I know all about eet, dollink."

I'm handling the grief well, too, thanks.


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