Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Help needed

Can someone explain to me why everyone is so excited?

Rob Porter held down a sensitive job in the White House for months even though his FBI background check precluded security clearance.  1.  So what else is new?  2.  What danger did he represent, as opposed to, say, slumlord-in-law Jared Kushner, similarly uncleared?  Well, I keep hearing, Porter was susceptible to blackmail.  Really?

How does blackmail work?  Someone threatens to expose something that will destroy your reputation.  But if you work for Trump, you're as depraved as he is.  You have no reputation to destroy.

Porter was a wife-beating thug long before he was hired -- it might explain why he was hired -- but Trump has a gift for bringing out the worst is everyone.   John Kelly was a respected military man, and nobody gets the benefit of the doubt like a four-star general.  He was described as decent, courageous, even heroic.  He would bring maturity to the sandbox.  What happened?  A few months around Trump and he revealed the extent of the misogyny and racism he had concealed for decades.  He's the chief of staff; nobody ordered him to trash Rep. Frederica Wilson (and, by analogy, Sgt. Johnson's widow).  He chose to do it, to prove his loyalty as a courtier.  Instead, he proved his depravity.

So far, the only courtier who has held onto his dignity and self-respect is the ironically named "Mad Dog" Mattis, trying to put the brakes on the demented man-baby in the only way he can, by dragging his feet -- on the mustering out of transgender personnel (that one stinks of the evangelics), on the idiotic Big Parade, and most crucially, on the second Korean War man-baby is determined to provoke in time for the elections.  (What's a few hundred thousand dead compared to keeping Ryan and McConnell in power?  They knew what they were getting into.)  Will Mattis foul himself like all the rest?  Only time will tell.

Instead of endlessly arguing about what Kelly knew about the ex-wife's black eye and when he knew it, we should be trying to identify the most powerful person in the kingdom, the Trump whisperer -- the individual who has to summarize the Presidential Daily Briefing because he's too lazy to read it and too stupid to understand it.  This person is effectively running the executive branch and my money is on Number One Groupie Hope Hicks, who is apparently sleeping her way through the band.

And this is what we've come to.


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