Friday, June 09, 2017

I have the best oaths

To sum up the week:

1.  There is no tape of the table-talk between Comey and Trump.  If it existed, and if it vindicated Trump, we would have heard it by now.  Reporters will continue to ask about this piece of empty bluster at every presser about "infrastructure" or National Toothpaste Awareness Week or whatever, and they will not get an answer. 

2.  Trump will never answer questions about this or anything else under oath.  His lawyers will claim "executive privilege" and his flunkies will cite some crisis in Albania or Malaysia that requires his full and immediate attention, such as it is. 

3.  Trump will not sue Comey for "defamation," or for lying, or for "leaking" his own non-classified memorandum.  More empty bluster for which his personal shysters are well known.

4.  There is no pee-hooker tape.

In a way, I'm sorry about that one.  The Steele Dossier could turn out to be a MacGuffin, or it could be the most important document since the Zapruder film, but it won't be porn.  Comey said Trump called to tell him there was no tape of prostitutes, which struck him as odd ("Lordy!') since he hadn't brought it up.  I believe him, not because Trump said it -- I'm not a fool -- but because it fits what we know about his personality.

  a.  He's a germophobe.  Until recently he wouldn't even shake hands, and he's still not good at it.

  b.  He's disgusted by women's bodies and the things they produce -- blood, milk, babies (he has never been present at the birth of his children), and presumably urine.  Trump is only interested in putting things into women, and he requires a very specific type, which we can extrapolate from Melania's nude photos:  concentration-camp thin, with large and probably augmented breasts.  He satisfies himself and then turns to activities that bring him real pleasure, screwing employees, contractors, investors, charities, perceived enemies, etc.  It is impossible to imagine him wanting to be in the room while prostitutes were pissing, much less getting off on it.

If and when the Steele Dossier surfaces, it will be a roadmap for following the rubles and not something the networks need to pixilate for our protection.  Again, sorry. 

5.  The  Republicans, and not just Poor John from Arizona, will continue their efforts to somehow, anyhow, make this about Hillary.  They signaled that by putting Trey "Benghazi!" Gowdy in charge of the House Oversight Committee.  And all this chaos at Camp Runamuck (thanks, Charlie!) suits Mitch & Paul very well.  One day we will awaken to find that they have scuttled the EPA, Medicare, Social Security, the Department of Education and the National Park system, and Exxon is drilling in the Grand Canyon.

Meanwhile, at an air base in Qatar, ten thousand American military personnel would love to know what the fuck is going on.  Maybe their commander in chief could get together with his Secretary of State and let them know.   



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