Monday, May 08, 2017

Red, white and blue Monday

I'm trying to stay busy while waiting for Sally Yates to serve up a Mickey Flynn cocktail, for which she has already been attacked by some troll on Twitter:

"Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to the White House Council," it said.  All right, as you can guess from the spelling of "counsel," it's Metamucilini in an early morning shitter-twitter.  Sounds like a threat to me.  What can he do, fire her again?  "Under oath" is pretty good for a regime where perjury is a basic requirement for employment.  And as "after" suggests, the papers got the story from someone in the office of the White House counsel, most likely.  But why waste time studying this like a sonnet?  It's just panicky bluster.

It was a big weekend.  Not-LePen was elected president of France by a huge margin.  I don't know enough about Emmanuel Macron to be sending up rockets -- "centrist investment banker" is not very promising -- but it could have been so much worse.  So vive la France, and a bas Putin/Assange.

The mainstream media finally did its job and unearthed remarks from years ago by Greasy and Sleazy Trump to the effect that, screw American banks, bunch of doody-heads, we've got all the financing we need from Russia.  And now even James Comey (R-FBI) knows it.  What's he going to do about it?

Nicole Kushner  -- why, yes, she is Jared's sister -- was in Beijing pitching a little-known scam called the EB-5 visa program.  This is a real beauty.  Anyone with half a million American dollars to invest in a construction project deemed to be of special value to distressed communities can jump to the head of the line and gain permanent residence in the USA.  The specific project being touted by Ms. Kushner is called One Journal Square, in Jersey City, which will involve 1,476 luxury apartments and a medical center -- for pets.  I'm sure Jersey City can use the help, and so can those apprentice Masters of the Universe who work in lower Manhattan and need a place to live while they save up for a spot in Trump Tower.  And their pets.  It strikes me that this is tailor-made for people who don't want to be walled out of soon-to-be-great-again America and have large amounts of cash in need of laundering. The heads of drug cartels, for instance.  But I'm sure they're way ahead of me. 

Before the beautiful people start commuting from One Journal Square, some repair work will have to be completed.  It turns out that the Oculus, the four-billion-dollar transit hub at the World Trade Center designed by hotshot Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, leaks in a heavy rain like the White House counsel's office.  Last Friday the social media were full of commuters running for cover and snarky comments about shoddy work.  Well, the Javits Center used to leak, too.  Ask them how they fixed it.  (I remember Jacob Javits.  Republican senator for many years, well to the left of Chuck Schumer.  Good times.)

The opening act, James Clapper, is up.  He says he requested names be "unmasked" in the course of his duties as President Obama's national security adviser.  Isn't that the very thing that had the trumpers baying for Susan Rice's scalp last month?  It's good to be a white male.  Let's watch....



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