Wednesday, May 10, 2017


That well-known racist, sexist and (probably) homophobe Abe Lincoln liked to tell a story about a frontiersman who returned to his cabin to find his wife struggling in the arms of an enormous bear.  Leaning on a tree and lighting his pipe, he called out, "Go it, woman!  Go it, bear!"

That sums up my response to so many of the Great Controversies of our time.  Remember, for one example, the dispute between the Disney Corporation and the Southern Baptist Convention?  I may have to choose the lesser of two evils every second November, but when the inexcusable crashes into the indefensible, I lean back and root for both of them to go for the jugular. 

So when I heard that the inexcusable Trump had fired the indefensible Comey -- the same way Comey did, from television (classy as always, Metamucilini!) I managed a resounding "Meh."  The worst FBI director since Hoover shit-canned by the worst president since...ever.  What else is on?

Let's see...Comey decided we all needed to know that a couple of those tired old emails turned up on Anthony Weiner's computer, thus creating enough doubt to tip the election to Trump, yay!  Then he told the Justice Department there were still no grounds to "lock her up," boo!  Then he came to Congress and told them how nauseated (not "nauseous," please) he felt to have undermined democracy and stuff, boo-hoo.  Then he confirmed that his outfit was investigating the hell out of the Russian connections of Flynn, Page, Manafort, etc., etc., uh-oh!  And then the boot.  But like the Affordable Care Act, he'll be replaced with something much better.  Probably Jared Kushner, once  he's sorted out the Israel-Palestine thing and re-organized the federal government.

Our thoughts turn inexorably to 1973 and the Night of the Long Knives (the dismissal of Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor, Attorney General Elliott Richardson and his deputy William Ruckelshaus, if you're playing at home), and in case anyone missed the point, Henry Fucking Kissinger showed up at the White House to remind us.  He must be the last living unindicted member of the Nixon administration.  The question now is, how long can they hire and fire people to fend off the inevitable?  The answer is implicit in the negative response to Schumer's demand for a special prosecutor:  as long as they can get away with it, while distracting the public with troops in Afghanistan and rumbles in the Korean peninsula and whatever else they dream up. 

And Jim?  In the words of the White House counsel on The West Wing, "It's time to write your book now."    


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