Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tweet, tweet! Over here!

In the latest in a series of carefully constructed media distractions, the Idiot-Elect got into a war with Vanity Fair magazine after it published a nauseated review of the Trump Grill (or Trumpe Grille), the overpriced greasy spoon inside Trumpe Towere where Mitt Romney was dined and dissed two weeks ago (and probably got stuck with the check).  The review reignited the Orange One's thirty-year war with the magazine's proprietor Graydon Carter, co-creator of the immortal descriptive "short-fingered vulgarian."  In response to the usual semi-literate snarls, readers gave VF its best day ever, doubling the subscriber base.

I want in.  Buttermilk Sky has never had a kind word to say about Donzo the Clown, and I can assure you it never will.  This is the place for non-stop mockery of everything about Putin's puppet, from his scotch-tape tie clip to his unspeakable cabinet.  All we ask is one little tweet ("Don't read Buttermilk Sky!  Very bad blog, no porspective, very few readers.  Kicked off Blogger soon!").  Did I mention he can't spell?

Buttermilk Sky.  Denounce it by name.  I triple-dog dare you, Shitgibbon.


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