Tuesday, March 07, 2023

There is no here here

 The EPA should check the chamber of the Florida State Senate for toxic gases.  Outbreaks of insanity not witnessed since the ergot poisonings of the Middle Ages are becoming more common.  First it was the "Don't say boo" bill to keep bloggers from criticizing the state's politicians, which has so little support that even Newt Gingrich felt safe in condemning it.  Now Clay Yarborough wants the state to have the authority to take children away from their parents to "protect" them from gender-affirming therapies, even if it violates the order of a court in another state.  Senate Bill 254 would join a list of atrocities enacted for the stated purpose of giving parents more control over their children by letting Governissimo DeSantis decide what they should study in school, what sorts of entertainment they can enjoy, and whether they can receive life-saving medical treatments such as vaccines.

Today is Purim, which commemorates Queen Esther's intervention to prevent the destruction of the Jews by Haman, vizier of the Persian Empire.  It can best be enjoyed by dress-up, story-telling, and ignoring the world in the early decades of the twenty-first century.  Pay no attention to Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) smiling for a photo with a couple of neo-Nazis in front of the Capitol.  Don't tell the kids about Hatchett Speed of January 6 fame and his plan to "enlist Christians to wipe out the country's entire Jewish population."  Above all, pretend you don't know Margie Greene and her wishes for "light, happiness, joy and honor!"  The responses were less than festive:

I picture her kicking the office furniture and screaming about how it doesn't pay to be nice to those people...

...then introducing a resolution to declare Antifa a "domestic terrorist organization."

No wonder I can't find a place to donate.

If Empty is looking for something to condemn, may I suggest:

Trump isn't the only one who's terrified.  The Georgia legislature just rushed through a "Prosecuting Attorneys Oversight Commission" to facilitate the recall of Fani Willis.  (Nobody seriously thinks it will affect any other DA.)  I guess it's the least Brian Kemp can do after refusing to help overturn the 2020 election. 

The family of Brian Sicknick was not happy when Tucker Carlson edited the 2021 coup footage into an extended episode of The Andy Griffith Show.  From what I've read, Griffith wouldn't have liked it either.  No pee, no poo, no stolen property or rioters calling, "Where are you, Nan-cee?" just a bunch of friendly tourists awed by Our Nation's Capitol.  The gallows?  Probably wouldn't have worked.  And poor Ashli, so eager to see the statue of Helen Keller that she accidentally broke a window and fell through it, only to be...well, you know the rest.  Who controls the past controls the future, they hope.

Texas moved a step closer to secession.  So there's that.



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