Saturday, March 18, 2023

Start your clocks

 There's barely suppressed excitement all over Blogenheim this morning as the Worst Criminal in American History predicts his imminent arrest.  Here's page two -- you can imagine the rest.

I can smell the dried ketchup and loaded Depends all the way from Palm Beach.

As if to spur Jack Smith, he repeats the call to violence from 1/6/21 and this time the LEOs will be locked and loaded.  Who would have thought it would be Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, after dropping out for so long, who would indict ahead of Smith and Fani Willis?  Slow and steady.

Squeaker McCarthy is already at work, "directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy" etc., etc.  You're the boss now, Kev, you sold your grandchildren for the job, let's see you call out the troops as you seem to think your predecessor should have done.  

Of all Trump's crimes, the sleaziest -- screwing an adult film actress and then bribing her to keep quiet about it -- looks to be the one that gets him fingerprinted first.  It's kind of perfect.

Tuesday, March 21.  The birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach, the spring solstice.  I feel...younger.



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