Saturday, March 11, 2023

Son of Santos

 Back in 1977, when confessed serial killer David Berkowitz sold his "exclusive" story to Simon & Schuster, the New York legislature quickly passed what became known as the "Son of Sam" law to prevent criminals from profiting materially from their crimes (in his case six murders and seven other attempts).  In 1989 the Supreme Court overturned the law on First Amendment grounds; by then other states had enacted similar laws.

Now two Republican Congressmen from New York, Anthony D'Esposito and Nick LaLota, have introduced a bill to prevent members who violate federal election laws from profiting by their actions.  Can you guess who wants to co-sponsor it?  Oh, come on, play.  It's George Santos, of course, the very man they've been pressuring to resign.  Maybe they should have called it the "Big Brass Ones" law.  Berkowitz subsequently became an evangelical Christian and announced that he wished to be known as the "Son of Hope."  I don't even want to think of what's ahead for "Anthony Devolder."

Because I preferred scrubbing the toilet to watching CPAC I have only now learned of its comedy highlight, Kari Lake introducing Steve Bannon as a "patriotic stud muffin" and Bannon reading the riot act to Rupert Murdoch, who could scorch him like an ant under a kid's magnifying glass.  Why can't the Saturday Night Live writers come up with sketches like this?  It's hard to say whether Bannon is angry at Fox for admitting it lied or angry at Fox because it fooled idiots like him.  Whatever, nobody is slinking away with any honor.

Oops.  First the railroad regs were removed, now this.  How did we survive for four years?

I love the classics.

Tucker Carlson has hogged all the attention but Maria Bartiromo's scoop with "cactus artist" Marlene Bourne is pure gold, what with the headless ghost, the hidden messages in song lyrics (helter skelter!) and the inside skinny on the murder of Antonin Scalia.  She's a long shot to be Trump's running mate but stranger things have happened.  Bartiromo declared her "kooky" but to paraphrase Rumsfeld, you go on the air with the sources you have, as long as they support the official line.

Sarah Sanders actually invited children to watch her sign the children's-right-to-work law.  Don't they look thrilled.  



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