Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Just the headlines

 A train carrying propane derailed near Sarasota Bradenton Airport in Manatee County, Florida.  There was no spillage, so we won't see Trump and DeSantis on site trying to buy McBurgers for the residents at the same time.  You want to work on your infrastructure, Governissimo.

Jamie Raskin, sporting a spiffy chemo-wrap that makes him look a little like Alexander Pope, had to school Lauren Boebert on the parts of speech ("Democrat" is a noun, "Democratic" the adjective...don't make us call you the Banana Republic party).  It's not clear she understood.  

Another Congressional idiot, Kentucky Comer, demanded to know why Beau Biden was never prosecuted for an illegal contribution to his father's 2008 campaign (that's the front page story in the Daily Murdoch behind Raskin).  They've decided the best way to upset the President is to slander his dead war hero son.  Dan Pfeiffer, a former Obama advisor, called the bloated slob "a Trumpian blend of incompetence and malice," and that was one of the more polite ones.

Yet another Congressional idiot, Statutory Gaetz, tried to get undersecretary of Defense Colin Kahl to confirm a story about American aid going to the right-wing Azov Battalion in Ukraine, which he found in the Global Times, the tabloid version of the People's Daily.  Said Kahl, "As a general matter I don't take Beijing's propaganda at face value."  Gaetz shut up after some mumbling.  I wonder which intern got fired over that.

Apparently someone at Twitter still has some ethical standards.  Mike Lee whined about having his account suspended for a full hour, and all he did was threaten the Japanese prime minister.  A Navy lieutenant named Ridge Alkonis is serving three years for a car crash that killed two Japanese civilians and Fox News has made him its Brittney Griner.  I guess the doctrine of extraterritoriality is no longer a thing.

And now a new feature:  It's Morning in America.  Lisa Edwards, 60, was turfed out of Ft. Sanders Regional Medical Center in Knoxville despite being visibly ill.  Police were called.  She complained of being unable to breathe and was unable to rise from her wheelchair and climb the steps to a police van, while the four (4) officers told her to stop faking.  "Can you call the preacher for me?" might have been a clue.  Eventually they got her into a police car though the driver, not an officer, was afraid she'd die and he'd have no legal protection.  And die she did, the next day at the same hospital, of a stroke.  Let the blame-dodging begin!

You can always count on Laura Loomer to brighten a cloudy afternoon.  The Governissimo was signing copies of his "book" in Leesburg and a security guard told people in Trump gear that they were double-plus unwelcome, causing Loomer to call DeSantis a "tyrant."  And a thin-skinned one and also he's short.  You'd think he'd welcome a few more purchasers so he doesn't have to buy a couple tons of books like Mike Pompeo (who blurbed himself, too).

Laura, you don't know what tyranny is.  In Yefremov, Russia, Alexei Moskalyov was arrested and his twelve-year-old daughter Maria sent to a state orphanage.  Maria's crime was to make a pro-Ukraine drawing at school ("discrediting the Russian army").  Plus ca change...

What's behind all the near-collisions at US airports and why doesn't Pete Buttigieg rush to each one?  



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