Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Another brick in the wall

It didn't take Tucker Carlson long to get over his break-up with Trump.  It seems like just last week he was slamming the bedroom door, shouting "I hate him passionately!" calling him "demonic," and eating a whole pint of Cherry Garcia.  Last night he was all dressed up for a first date with that dreamy Ron DeSantis as if You-Know-Who never existed.  They are so simpatico, like about Ukraine, which Ron calls "a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing."  

No, wait, that was Mr. Chamberlain.  Ron calls Russia's brutal invasion "a territorial dispute" and promises that when he's president those Ukrainian freeloaders won't get a penny from the USA.  Tucker was too busy swooning to bring up the territorial dispute currently raging in the West Bank, but I think we can assume he'll fund that one until...Armageddon?  Is that what they're hoping for?  The boys didn't call Zelenskyy a money-laundering pimp but it was implied.

As for that dispute in Europe, it's going really well.  Having exhausted the men's prisons, Putin is now "recruiting" fighters from among female convicts.  UK intelligence reports that the Wagner Group ("mercenaries by name, mercenaries by nature") is giving "career talks" to Russian schoolchildren.  (How long do they expect this war to last?  Could they be thinking ahead to Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania?)  

Trump is finally acknowledging that bad things happened when those friendly, patriotic tourists visited the Capitol on January 6, 2021, at his urging.  Sit down, I'm not finished -- apparently it was the fault of Mike Pence.  "Had he sent the votes back to the legislatures they wouldn't have had a problem with January 6, so in many ways you can blame him for January 6," he told the reporters forced to accompany him to Iowa.   "You wouldn't have had 'January 6' as we call it."  (He was the first person ever to call that month January.  Look it up.)  If Pence had just torn up the Constitution, or if 81,282,916 people hadn't voted for Joe Biden, no problems.  Pence is a bigoted jerk but that day he was innocent.

"Vaccines are bad" isn't much of a platform but Robert Kennedy, Jr., is considering a run for president.  He says he already has the approval of his wife Cheryl Hines, a standard joke of his, but his sister Kerry is still angry about a speech where he compared persecuted anti-vaxers to Anne Frank.  Maybe he'll eschew all family support and pretend he's related to the embarrassing Louisiana senator.  Birds of a feather.

Hmmm...who in this picture has a Trump pardon?

It took nearly a century for an Asian woman, Michelle Yeoh, to win the Academy Award for Best Actress, but what I'm enjoying is the number of people suddenly discovering Anna May Wong and Merle Oberon.  Both paid a price for their ethnicity -- Oberon damaged her complexion with whitening creams to play opposite actors like Laurence Olivier and Leslie Howard under the Production Code, which forbade mixed-race couples onscreen.  Wong never got the leading roles she deserved, although she can be found on a quarter issued last year.  I seem to recall that Boris Karloff had Indian ancestry, but nobody seemed to care as long as he played a monster.

E pluribus unum?  We're still going with that?

It took two Russian fighter jets to down a US Reaper drone in the Black Sea this morning.  One of them dumped fuel on it and flew in front of it while the other struck its propeller.  No doubt Putin's favorite Fox pundit will have more tonight about Biden's attempt to start World War III to cover up all the bank failures and gender-affirming therapies.  Be there or be woke! 


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