Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Notes from all over

 "Russia's spy balloon remains intact in Florida."  (Tristan Snell)

"Florida, where menstrual data is tracked but books on menstruation are banned."  (Tristan Snell also)

Mr. Snell is a corporate lawyer -- small corporations -- and prosecuted Trump University for the New York Attorney General.  I may fill a whole post with his wisdom one day.

Let's see, what else is going on?  Lauren "Boom Boom" Boebert is praying for the President:  "May his days be few and another take his office."  And the church cried, "Amen."  Secret Service, please take serious note of this assassination threat. 

The Wagner Group is Russia's "Dirty Dozen," a collection of violent criminals drafted out of prison and into the army to terrorize Ukraine.  One of the drawbacks of this policy was revealed by drone footage released by the Ukrainians which seems to show some Wagners carrying their wounded CO to a secluded spot and beating the bolshoi out of him with shovels.  Maybe he wouldn't share the loot.  Anyway, we can understand why the American right is rooting for Russia.  Thug recognizes thug.

Trainloads of toxic material roll across the United States every day and one derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, last week and burst into flames.  After five days of exposure to who knows what, residents are being told to evacuate while the rest of the crap is pumped out of the undamaged cars in a "controlled release."  "This is a matter of life and death," said Governor Mike DeWine.  So is covid, but voting records suggest that many Ohioans are unimpressed by that, too.  I predict fatalities which the conspiracy community will blame on Pfizer vaccine and/or Chinese balloons.

I think my policy on "gender reveal" parties is well known, but dyeing a pigeon is a lot less destructive than setting off high explosives.  A pink-dyed pigeon found in Manhattan's Madison Square Park has died, outraging animal lovers.  Folks, it's a pigeon.  Look around, you'll see thousands of them.  If letting the whole world know the gender of an embryo is that important to you, this is the way to go.  The Wild Bird Fund named it Flamingo and once a wild animal has a name a lot of people go crazy.  Remember when that dentist killed Cecil the Lion?  Until Paul Gosar came along, he was the most despised dentist in the country.

Once again, it was a pigeon.  

Mary Miller (R-IL) is boycotting the State of the Union in a bid to attract some attention and because Joe Biden "lies."  That's not how you do it -- you stand up and yell, "You lie!" as Addison Graves Wilson (R-SC) did in 2017.  For a week he was known for heckling Barack Obama.  Now he's gone back to being known as the only member of Congress named for three autoimmune disorders.

There's video of Marjorie Taylor Greene presiding over the House.  This may be a first for a Neanderthal, but we can't be sure because most Congressmen in the nineteenth century wore beards.

Got $17 million?  Want to live in the house where Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was killed in 1947?  Here you go.  

More names from the past:  Yusef Salaam, one of the wrongfully-convicted Central Park Five for whose execution Trump still occasionally calls, is running for the New York City Council.  Elian Gonzalez, the subject of a custody battle that roiled the Clinton Administration, has been nominated for Cuba's National Assembly, which I gather is tantamount to winning.  

We started with Tristan Snell, we end with Charlie Sykes.  Why is Elon Musk re-tweeting Russian propaganda about all the NATO soldiers who died in Ukraine?  (There are no NATO soldiers in Ukraine.)  It's a good question.  Gullible?  Stupid?  Or working for Putin?  Perhaps we'll find out.



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