Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Talk among yourselves

 I need to vent.

The US military left some dogs at the Kabul airport.  Outrage.  Really?  This is the big story?

Thanks, Judge Drain, the Sackler family will get to keep all the money they made saturating communities with OxyContin.  Has anyone in your family OD'd, judge?

Survivors of covid have an enhanced risk of kidney damage.  That's right, the doofuses who wouldn't wear a mask or get a shot will soon be demanding new kidneys.  

Brexit-supporting pub chain Wetherspoon is facing a beer drought due to covid and a shortage of lorry drivers.  Ahahahahahahahaha.

A "liberal activist" tricked stupidest Senator Ron Johnson into saying there was "nothing obviously skewed about the results" of the presidential balloting in Wisconsin.  But he has no problem with the legislature spending $680,000 to investigate "irregularities."  Maybe it's all the cheese they eat.

Be on the lookout for Benjamin Dagley, wanted in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  No one would know where to look if he hadn't driven from Ohio to Mississippi during a hurricane to yell at Shaquille Brewster on a beach in Gulfport, on television.  Add "curfew violation" and "aggravated stupidity" to the charges.  He's probably headed for Florida, a magnet for stupid.

Have you picked a side in the Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau feud?  Yeah, me neither.  It's golf.  Box is empty, no fucks to give.

Make big money, Texans!  Rat out your neighbor for considering abortion.  Then you can get the truck detailed and pay cash for the Trump tattoo!

Why are Statutory Gaetz and Gym Jordan so terrified of what Bennie Thompson's commission will find on their phones?  Must be heavy if they've got Kevin McCoward and Margie Bat Guano threatening to SHUT DOWN telecom companies that comply with his subpoenas.  More popcorn, please.

I wanted to share a picture but Blogger/Google isn't doing it this week.  So fuck them with a rusty sickle.


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