Monday, August 30, 2021

Stay crazy, world


In Flushing, players boo fans.  They're only seven and a half games behind Atlanta but the Mets are tired of being booed and have begun responding with this.  Team president Sandy Alderson says it's "totally unacceptable."  I say it could be worse.  

Kanye West held an event at Soldier Field in Chicago to publicize his new album and as part of the festivities set himself on fire.  

Two hundred new covid cases have been linked to Kristi Noem's Superspreader Sturgis Spectacular and some of them play for Kid Rock.  In a tweet he raged at having to cancel shows in Texas, blaming "shit for brains bloggers and media trolls" and expressing zero concern for his sick employees.  Kanye-Kid 2024!

This is sad:  Hurricane Ida destroyed the Karnofsky Shop in New Orleans, where young Louis Armstrong was befriended.  The family loaned him money to buy his first cornet and employed him on their coal wagons.  He wore a Star of David around his neck for the rest of his life in their memory.  The shop was one of several South Rampart Street venues associated with the history of jazz that were damaged or demolished.

Shaquille Brewster was on a beach in Gulfport, Mississippi, talking to MSNBC about the weather this morning when he was accosted by a man shouting unintelligibly.  Apparently the man was concerned about inaccuracies in the report, or something.  Brewster's fine.

Anyone want to hear Trump rant about the "corrupt" media because they talked about a Category 4 hurricane in a major city "all night long" instead of Afghanistan?  Here's your link.  He also thinks he should be given back the presidency because it was stolen from him like diamonds from Tiffany's.  Have fun.  I'm really tired of this senile moron.

Everything's a little more extreme in Japan -- game shows, comic books, amusement parks.  Fuji-Q Highland fun fun park has shut down its roller coaster because apparently traveling at 112 miles an hour can result in broken bones.  Odd, they never have this problem with bullet trains.

School board meetings are the newest front in the Kulturkampf of the Trumpanzees, and one Pennsylvania candidate for Northampton County Executive promises physical violence against boards which impose mask mandates.  That, says Steve Lynch, will "make men men again," albeit incoherent ones if his speech was accurately reported.  Steve just wants to hit somebody.  It's a new side-effect of Ivermectin abuse.

Speaking of violence, Hitler fanboy Madison Cawthorn is eager to "bust them out" -- he means the January 6 rioters, or "political prisoners" as they're now known among idiots -- but he can't figure out what dungeon they're languishing in.  Unlike Lynch, Cawthorn already holds elective office for some unfathomable reason.

A crewless electric cargo ship will sail from Heroya to Brevik in Norway later this year.  As long as it doesn't get anywhere near the Suez Canal...




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