Sunday, June 09, 2019

Bitter, living through chemistry

Talk amongst yourselves while I clean the scribbled notes off my desk.  Watch the Tonys.  It will get better after the opening number.

Don't ask, don't tell, just do it:  Several US embassies have requested permission to fly the Pride Flag this month; naturally, Pompeus Afflatus and his evangelical masters said no.  But others didn't bother to ask, so our embassy in New Delhi is strung with rainbow-color lights (pictures, please!) and the flag flies in Seoul, Vienna, and Chennai, India.  Moscow and Entebbe, waiting to hear from you.

Blast from the past:  Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel is running for president, with no hope of winning but just to raise some issues.  Back in the day he was a serious badass who wanted to end the war in Vietnam and legalize pot, and who read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record while the New York Times was still fighting in court for the right to publish them.  But he's 89, which even I believe might be a little too old.  I wonder if Wayne Morse is still around.

Well, this is a shocker:  Whitey Bulger, murderer, mobster and rat, was a yuge fan of Donald Trump, writing him many beautiful letters (but did they fall in love?) and expressing admiration for his devotion to Melania.  Not like that hound-dog Clinton.  It goes to show, you don't really appreciate people until they're gone.  I can see why the Presidential Medal of Freedom might be a reach, but it's never too late for a posthumous pardon.

Too old for politics?  You're never too old for the theater.  Congratulations to Elaine May and Andre DeShields on their Tony Awards.  


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