Wednesday, August 09, 2017

It's getting crowded under the bus

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Remember Mike Dubke?  No reason you should.  He was White House Communications Director for about three months.  Creative differences, I think.  During his tenure Mickey Flynn came and went.  Then James Comey was fired for being unfair to Hillary Clinton.  Why are you laughing?  Sean Spicer quit because he didn't want to work for Anthony Scaramucci, or because he was being eased out for the far more charismatic Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or because he was caught stealing a refrigerator, or because Melissa McCarthy.  Does it matter?  Then Scaramucci was fired by Reince Priebus, who in turn was fired by Steve Bannon.  Scooch over, Mooch! 

Last week there was an early-morning FBI raid at the home of onetime Trump campaign boss and Russia go-between Paul Manafort.  Within an hour the National Enquirer -- the Pravda of Trumpistan -- published an article accusing Manafort of sexual misbehavior.  Wave bye to Paul!  By Friday, at the latest, it will emerge that he never had anything to do with the Trump campaign and is probably a spy for the Democrats, if not George Soros.  False flag!  Hey, is there enough legroom under there for Rex Tillerson?

Have to find a bigger bus.   


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