Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Image result for lughnasadhToday is Lughnasadh, the Celtic harvest festival, meaning we've staggered across the line into August and this summer of fire, flood and madness is approaching its end.  Time to clean some of the crumbs and cherry pits out of the bed.

Now that he's a former Communications Director, will Scaramucci restore all the Tweets he memory-holed two weeks ago?  Like "Walls don't work.  Never have never will."  Or "a man who knows a thing or two about bankruptcy."  Views still evolving, Mooch?

A new character popped up in the Russia saga last week and I never got around to him.  Ladies and gentlemen, Lev Leviev, known as "the king of diamonds," from Previzon Holdings.  His real estate/money laundering activities were under investigation by Preet Bharara when Bharara abruptly ceased to be U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York last winter.  And now I know we're all in a movie being written by Mikhail Bulgakov and Jimmy Breslin:  The Master and a Pitcher of Margheritas, or The Oligarchs That Couldn't Lie Straight.  Original story by Ed Wood, directed by Mack Sennett and Sidney Lumet, with Fatty Carbuncle as Trump.

Oh, that reminds me.  According to Christian Broadcast Network, and you know they wouldn't lie, somebody called Ralph Drollinger is conducting regular Bible classes for the super-evangelical Trump cabinet (except for Mnuchin, because, well, you know).  Trump himself, though officially twice-born, can rarely find the time in his busy schedule of tweeting and yelling at the big-screen.  When I stopped laughing I started again, because I thought of Ed Wood, and the scene where he makes his actors get baptized so they can get the money to make Plan Nine From Outer Space.  Just like the Trump White House, except Plan Nine has a more coherent script and a happy ending.  Also, Ivanka is no Vampira.

And finally, we institute a new feature, Nasty Woman of the Month.  July's co-winners are Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.  Runner up:  Akie Abe, wife of the Japanese prime minister.  Seated next to Trump at the G20 banquet, she had the presence of mind to pretend she doesn't speak English. 


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