Friday, August 18, 2017


"Jews will not replace us!" the fine people chanted as they marched through Charlottesville with their tiki torches.  (I never thought I'd write a sentence like that when I enrolled in Famous Bloggers School.)  Well, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller still "work" in the White House, but Steve "I don't want my kids to go to school with Jews" Bannon is out.  He was fired today or he quit two weeks ago, or maybe he was never there in the first place like Paul Manafort, but clearly the Elders of Zion have pulled the strings once again.  Less than a week ago Trump called him "a good person," adding "He's not a racist!" so, kiss of death, right?  Somebody must think this will damp down the anger about Trump's inability/refusal to denounce white supremacy.  Somebody is wrong. 


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