Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why satirists drink

Betsy DeVos, probable future Secretary of Education, has been caught plagiarizing an answer on her written questionnaire.   And whose paper did she copy from?  Vanita Gupta, the head of the Justice Department's civil rights division under Barack Obama.  That's an automatic F, Betsy.

Philip Pizzo, a Catholic priest in Queens, New York, has previously used his popular Facebook page to trash Hillary Clinton for being unattractive.  (Are priests supposed to think in such terms?)  He has now posted a "funny" meme entitled "SHOW YOUR HATE FOR TRUMP -- DO IT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE" -- "it" being "jump off a building."  I haven't been a Catholic for half a century, but I'm pretty sure they haven't changed their position on suicide.  It's still off the table, isn't it?  In any case the father is now restricting his page to a select circle of friends.  You know, people who "get" him. 

CNN is telling us that the two finalists for the Supreme Court are headed to Washington for tonight's big announcement.  Two?   Can't Bannon Trump decide until he sees them in Speedos?

Senate Republicans who refused to act on the appointment of Merrick Garland are appalled at the Democrats' delaying tactics on Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-KKK) and Rex Tillerson  (R-ExxonMobil).  Outrageous.  Whatever happened to bipartisanship?  But executive orders, so dictatorial only a month ago, are now just fine. 

Is the bar open yet?


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