Saturday, January 28, 2017


'Member how Party officials would be photographed with Stalin when he visited a tractor factory or a hydroelectric facility?  Later they would fall from grace into the gulag, if they were lucky, and some Winston Smithsky would have to excise them from the photo.  Michael Reynolds, director of the National Park Service, has a tougher job.  He has to add thousands of people to photographs like this one, or else:

The Leader stood in front of the wall where the Central Intelligence Agency commemorates its fallen and bragged about the crowds, and how muchly they adored his speech, probably the best speech since the Lincoln Second, and how the sun actually came out and shone from upon his face.   So Mr. Reynolds needs to make it so.  Maybe the CGI people who created the Coliseum throngs for Gladiator can help. 

Millions of people.

Actually, I think I know what's wrong:  Trump misses his golden toilet.  If you hadn't taken a dump for a week, you'd be hallucinating, too.  Have you seen him lately?  "Trump is full of shit" is no longer a metaphor.  The -- well, the rounder he gets, the more lunacies will be committed in our name, like banning travelers from Muslim countries that lack Trump hotels, or starting a trade war with Mexico.  This is no time for prunes.  Get the fire hose.


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A very good source on the retroactive editing of photos under Stalin is David King, "The Commissar Vanishes." A post-Stalin example was the removal of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia article on L.P. Beria after he got the chop in 1953; the immediately preceding article,. "Bering Sea," was hastily expanded to fill the space left by his excision.

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