Wednesday, January 25, 2017

News you can ooze

If an oil pipeline leaks in another country and no one sees it, did it contaminate the water and land?

One day after Emperor Napoleorange (I'm going with that for now) signed a decree that resumes work on the North Dakota/Standing Rock Reservation pipeline -- he happens to be an investor, but I'm not doing conflict of interest right now -- we learn that a similar underground pipeline in northern Alberta burst last month, spewing 200,000 liters of oil on land belonging to the Ocean Man First Nation.  If you want to know more I recommend the Toronto Star or some other Canadian paper.  For sure, no American "news" outlet will have time for this story.  You see, Mary Tyler Moore died today, which is very sad for her fans (I am one) but perhaps does not require all-day coverage on CNN and MSNBC and ten precious minutes on The Scott Pelley Show.  That environment stuff is such a yawn unless celebrities are getting arrested.  Does Canada even have celebrities?  The EPA is being gutted like a fish, too, but wait, here's an inspirational story about a ten-year-old who bakes muffins for the homeless.  Awww!

Napoleorange loves to sign his name.  As a result, torture is back, the National Parks Service is under a hiring freeze, and wall construction will start right away.  There's a build-that-wall bill pending, but this is so fucking important that he can't wait for Paulie Numbnuts to shove it through the House.  The only thing he hasn't managed to sign is an order authorizing disaster relief for Mississippi and Georgia, where more than a dozen people died in tornadoes last week.   At present the Federal Emergency Management Agency, like so many others, has no director and possibly no budget.   Oh, and millions of people voted illegally.  Millions. 

Did I mention that Mary Tyler Moore died?       


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