Monday, August 07, 2006

Curb your enthusiasm

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German scientist has been testing an "anti-stupidity"
pill with encouraging results on mice and fruit flies, Bild newspaper reported

It said Hans-Hilger Ropers, director at Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular
Genetics in Berlin, has tested a pill thwarting hyperactivity in certain brain
nerve cells, helping stabilize short-term memory and improve attentiveness.

"With mice and fruit flies we were able to eliminate the loss of short-term
memory," Ropers, 62, is quoted saying in the German newspaper, which has
dubbed it the "world's first anti-stupidity pill."

I was all set to celebrate, and then I thought, How do they measure short-term memory in fruit flies? With a lifespan measured in hours, how much do they really have to remember?

My father used to say, "Never give a drunk black coffee. All you get is a wide-awake drunk." I foresee the same problem with improving the attention spans of the stupid. We're probably better off if they keep taking nice long vacations.


Blogger sydneyland said...

Dear "Buttermilk",

Your post reminds me of an episode of "Rocky'n Bullwinkle" Seems our "Heros" were try'n to stop Boris Batinov from spraying the U.S. Senate with "Stupid Gas". They were not successful, and Boris got through to the Capital.

However, after watching, and listening to the demented behaviors of the U.S. government in action Boris did nothing. He did not spray the Capital. "Fearless Leader", remember him, well Fearless demanded an explanation as to why he didn't zap the senators with stupid gas.

Said a disappointed Boris said,..."Somebody beat me to it!"

Btw, nice bloggy. Keep it up. I'll link to your page. You, of course have to go into the HTML to work all that out. Hey if I can do it so can you. Just follow the instructions in the "Help" sections or ask a computer savy pal to give ya pointers. Try put'n up pixtures too.

Your Dear Beloved Uncle approves of your endevors, keep it up kiddo!

11:26 PM  

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