Monday, September 18, 2023

Happy new year to disloyal liberal Jews

 At this point it's not news that Trump is an antisemite who adores Israel.  They named a rest stop or something after him because he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, making him the best friend Israel has ever had.  American Jews who are skeptical of his motives or indifferent to Israel, or even critical of its increasingly right-wing government, they're the problem.  So he found a screed from something called JEXIT, whose mission is to lead Jews away from the Democratic Party and into the arms of those "very fine people" who marched in Charlottesville, and shared it with his basement-dwellers on Ministry of Truth Social.  The only holidays Trump doesn't trash are the ones he doesn't know about.  Over at Wonkette Liz Dye dissolves this toxic sludge better than I could.  

I'm not sure the classic terms of racism even apply to Trump.  He's just a praise whore.  He will share praise of himself even if it comes from Jews, or African Americans, or undocumented trans Muslims, because he is an empty sack that can never be filled.  His empty existence, devoid of love, ideas, hobbies, requires constant replenishment to fill the hole left by his inattentive parents.  Money, nursery food, the cheering of mobs, female bodies, he gobbles them and will never be satisfied.  And now he's our problem.  He wants a kingdom, and that won't fill him up either.  He won't shut up and go away no matter how many elections he loses.  We have to rely on the creaky machinery of the law.  But law relies heavily on precedent, and there is no precedent for imprisoning an ex-president, even Jefferson Davis.  Even good judges hesitate to treat this criminal like any other.  I don't know where it ends.

In his weirdly timely new book about Mitt Romney, McKay Coppins describes how Congressional Republicans said they wanted to support Trump's impeachment but feared for their lives and those of their families.  Romney himself says he spends $5,000 a week for private security (his life was saved on January 6 by the quick thinking of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman).  Jack Smith has repeatedly asked Judge Tanya Chutkan to stop Trump from intimidating witnesses and polluting the DC jury pool, or as he calls it "TAKE AWAY MY FREE SPEECH."  So far, nobody with the power to do so has been willing to bell the cat.  But it's a golden age for bodyguards.  I'm sure Ken Buck has some.

Yesterday the President -- the real one, Kristen Welker -- was in Delaware as usual and a protester who appeared to be armed was spotted walking near his house carrying a sign festooned with the usual lies and talking points.  It's not clear if he was arrested -- reporters were busy following the Bidens to church and yelling intelligent questions like "Are you going to pardon Hunter?" outside the cemetery where members of his family are buried.

Kristen Welker is being credited in some quarters with Pulitzer-level journalism for inducing Trump to admit that he ignored the advice of his lawyers when they said the election was not stolen, undercutting his own legal defense.  Any junior high school reporter for the Weekly Intramural could have done the same just by smiling and calling him "Mr. President" and letting him babble.  Asked if he likes democracy -- a question you can't imagine any president even devoting time to -- he said, "I do.  I do.  But it has to be a democracy that's fair."  Did Welker ask what the hell he was talking about?  ("You mean a democracy where you win?")  I guess she forgot.  Chuck Todd's legacy is in good, well- manicured hands.  If he swerved to a discussion of the Panama Canal or windmill cancer, it didn't make the final edit.  When Monica Lewinsky performed this service for Bill Clinton, it got him impeached.  Remind me:  Did the Democrats then impeach George W. Bush to get even?

The dignity of the Congress is under siege, and certainly not because of Margie Greene's dick pics or John Kennedy's dramatic readings of sex acts.  No, it's the dress code.  Chuck Schumer announced a loosening of Senate requirements, and the Republicans consider it as outrageous as January 6 wasn't.  It's all so John Fetterman can come to the floor and vote in his signature hoodie and shorts.  No mention of Gym Jordan and his apparent ignorance of how to put on a jacket.  

And in other news of the stylish, Melania Trump has a new venture.  Having failed to interest buyers in her used hats, NFTs of her used hats or something to do with laptops for foster kids, she is peddling -- wait for it -- fooking Christmas ornaments.  A patriotic red, white and blue star and other must-haves in the $35-$45 range.  Notice that she's selling them on Xitter, not her husband's collapsing platform.

As he prepares to end his term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley had to tell Fareed Zakaria that "woke" is not the problem with the military.  Zacaria forgot to ask how he feels about having no immediate replacement thanks to the Kooky Koach from Alabama.  Maybe these TV "journalists" need someone to remind them of important questions so the rest of us won't have to scream at the television and frighten the dog.

It's Fashion Week in London and not only the clothes are ugly.  Models wearing them have been made up to simulate bruises, cuts and black eyes.  (I hope it's makeup.)  I wonder if this would "work" with male models.

Joshua Norton, a/k/a Emperor Norton I of the United States, was a beloved figure in 19th century San Francisco.  His response to business setbacks was to take on imperial trappings and promote patently absurd notions like building a bridge across the Golden Gate.  He was colorful and harmless, and thousands attended his funeral.  The same can't be said of Romana Didulo, Queen of Canada, etc., who got a frosty reception when she arrived in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, to make war on covid vaccines and those who administer them.  (What is it with the mentally unbalanced and vaccines?)  HRH threatened to "shoot to kill" anyone vaccinating a person under 19 and "clean up" Kamsack, where many First Nations people reside.  The Kamsack hospital had to put on extra security because her subjects are as screwy as MAGAts.  The queen has been proclaiming that mortgages and utility bills need not be paid (sounds like our Sovereign Citizens), resulting in people losing their lights and then their homes.  Read their Telegram posts if you dare.  Say it with me:  "Oh there's brain damage in the east, and brain damage in the west..."  



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