Thursday, September 02, 2021


...there you go.

Irony:  Southern Louisiana is wall-to-wall refineries but nobody can buy gas today.

More people died from Hurricane Ida in Pennsylvania than on the Gulf Coast.

Beto O'Rourke has a Meals-On-Wheels-inspired plan to bring volunteers to homes and register voters there.  Any bets on how long the leg will need to make it illegal?  'Cause if they don't Planned Parenthood might do the same with morning-after pills.  (No heartbeat no foul, right?)  

Ed Asner (may his memory be a blessing) was once asked if he was pro-abortion.  "Yes," he said, "and as I look around I see some missed opportunities."

At the risk of sounding like the suicidal clown (Stephen Tompkinson) in Brassed Off I have to ask:  Why is Sean Lock dead and Henry Kissinger still alive?

Geography was not my best subject, so it was only today I figured out the "Delmarva Peninsula" refers to Delaware/Maryland/Virginia.  I swear, I thought it was some random Spanish settlement.  There is so much stuff nobody ever explains.  You're just supposed to know. 

Here's something I managed to find out:  Finnish is related to Hungarian and they're both a bitch to master.  That's why Mayor Juhana Vartiainen proposes that Helsinki declare itself an English-language city.  Its economy is booming (Nokia, Linux, 5G) and would boom louder if they could attract quality workers but the language barrier is too high.  Lots of Finns already speak English, probably better than the average American.

The Mu variant is here.  I'll bet the WHO is sorry they went with Greek letters.  At the rate this bastard mutates we'll be up to Omega by Christmas.

"Proudly unvaccinated and unmasked" Rightzi propagandist Candace Owens is hysterical because she can't get a covid test at her convenience -- in Aspen, thank you very much.  She claims it's because of her politics and would like to speak to the manager.  

Today in "Scorpions In a Bottle" Tucker Carlson attacks Lindsey Graham for refusing to appear on his show and for his constant fundraising.  He also seems unhappy about Graham's support for the war in Afghanistan during the Obama "surge."  But mostly for preferring Hannity.  Meow!

And now your moment of satori:  Alligator eats drone.  



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