Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Black moon

It just means a month with two new (i.e. unilluminated) moons, but it sounds like the title of a Gil Scott-Heron album.  Anyway, July is almost over, which is fine with me.  And so, unfinished business and a clean slate for Lughnasadh (Lammas if you must):

An outfit calling itself Students For Trump has proudly unveiled its spokesman:  O.J. Simpson.  No comment because, well, really.

Marco Rubio has taken to posting daily biblical quotations to his Twitter account.  Soon he will quit the Senate and go to work in the poorest section of Miami, where he will convince his biggest donors to fund a free clinic, food pantries, after-school programs for the kids, maybe a baseball team...sorry, just kidding, he'll still be an asshole but with more fundagelicals giving him money.

Unless you read the Irish Times you probably don't know about Keith Byrne, the token white man scooped up in the recent ICEstapo raids.  Mr. Byrne came here twelve years ago on the Visa Waiver Program, started a business, married an American and now has three children.  He was working his way through the convoluted process of becoming a citizen when he made the mistake of reporting an old arrest in Ireland for cannabis possession.  So the jackboots knew just where to find him during the big July 10 raid, which netted just 34 other "illegals" because Putin's puppet couldn't keep from bragging about it in advance.  After two weeks he was released because he has a good lawyer and speaks English, and people in two countries were on his case.  Happy ending, for now, and congratulations to Mr. Byrne.

It's a little disturbing to watch The Weather Channel scan the Atlantic for signs of any little thundercloud with hurricane potential.  I know it's their business and devastation is good for ratings, but maybe they could remember lives are at stake, not to mention homes, businesses, animals, crops, and potentially millions of public dollars.  They're just a little too excited at the prospect of another Katrina, Sandy or Maria, at record rainfall, highest-ever wind velocity, and video of rooftop rescues and collapsing levees.  This morning they spotted a small depression off the African coast and they're already picking out names and decorating the nursery, so to speak.  It's not attractive.

Puerto Rico is still trying to recover from Hurricane Maria, but in some ways it's doing much better than we are.  When leaked chat logs revealed their governor to be not just corrupt but also racist, misogynist and homophobic -- imagine, a Republican! -- thousands of people took to the streets of San Juan and stayed there until the legislature reluctantly opened impeachment proceedings.  They sang, they chanted, they posted under #RickyRenuncia, and finally, Rossello did indeed resign.  As the gassier pundits like to say, the system worked.  I've been trying to remember the name of the politician who said something like, "There go the people.  Shit, I'd better rush over there and 'lead' them."  Nancy?  Chuck?  I'm bad with names.

Breaking news:  Ronald Reagan was a racist.  


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