Wednesday, June 12, 2019


"I don't want to see Trump impeached.  I want to see him in prison," Nancy Pelosi said last week, touching off a volcanic eruption of Rightzi indignation.   Typical response:  '"Despicable!" from Sean "Hillary should be in jail" Hannity.  Only the heads of "banana republics" lock up their opponents! (RIP irony.)

With respect, Madam Speaker, I don't want to see Trump in prison.  I want to see him hanged for treason.

This week we found out that Kim Jong-un's half-brother, who was nerve-gassed to death in a Malaysian airport, may have been working for the CIA.  When asked about this, Trump actually assured the North Korean dictator that such a thing would never happen "under my auspices," whatever that means, because Kim is his very good friend who writes him beautiful letters, when he isn't claiming his nuclear missiles could reach California.  Trump hates California.  Also North Korea has "tremendous potential," because it can't quite feed everybody but its beaches are ideal for country club-type development.  Maybe a casino.

Today someone asked if he would accept "information" from another country (Russia) to "win" the election.  Of course he would.  Not that Russia would ever interfere HOAX in our elections WITCH HUNT or anything LYING MEDIA, but why shouldn't they?  Russia has a serious stake in Keeping America Great.

Apparently the Justice Department is convinced that a "sitting president" is above the law and cannot be indicted like any other criminal.  I am not convinced -- that passage is missing from my copy of the Constitution -- but if that's the way we have to play this, make sure he stops sitting.  That means impeachment, Madam Speaker, which is up to you.  Get the process started and we'll find a rope strong enough to hold up his bloated carcass.

Remember:  all the traitors got a pass in 1865, which is a big reason for the shit we're in now.


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