Monday, December 03, 2018

Drag ball

Don't keep next January open.  The Silver Jubilee has been cancelled.

Friends of Rudolph Giuliani -- and they totally exist -- were planning a party to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of his becoming mayor of New York, after a campaign whose naked racism prefigured Trump's.  (Remember the Giuliani rally/near riot of cops outside City Hall, ramping up  hatred of the incumbent "washroom attendant" David Dinkins?  Good times.)  An article in today's Daily News quotes an unnamed source as saying America's Mayor is "too toxic" to party with, owing entirely to his current employment as Trump's loyal mouthpiece.  The source goes on to compare the proposed shindig to a "mafia wedding," with LEOs and reporters studying, filming and photographing the guests for future reference.  The article says planners "struggled to find supporters willing to pay for tickets."  Well, sure, who wants to go to a party where you have to pay?  Even Roy Cohn never demanded cash for the privilege of attending his parties.  Of course, he wasn't saving up for his third (probable) divorce.  Free food -- that's how they got people to show up for Scrooge's funeral.  And one day, Giuliani's.


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